An update on the current water situation in Cape Town and what Ellerman House is doing to help while continuing to maintain the highest standards of hospitality possible.


South Africa is a water scarce destination. The Western Cape of South Africa is experiencing a drought due to consecutive years of lower than average rainfall. International visitors should be assured that Cape Town is and will continue to be both a viable and an incredible tourist destination. The message is clear – Cape Town is open for business and visitors can book with confidence.
The current situation creates innovative solutions – Government, citizens and the private sector are stepping up to the challenge to ensure visitors are not affected.

Cape Town hotels remain confident of delivering an experience commensurate with that experience offered before drought conditions and as such cancellation policies remain unchanged. Although guests are asked to be mindful, their overall stay will not be affected and we look forward to welcoming international visitors to our remarkable city. South Africa has overcome many challenges in the past and will no doubt overcome this one. Now more than ever Cape Town needs the support of international tourists


• Along with all other major hotel groups in Cape Town we took the joint decision to remove all bath plugs from the rooms and we request that showers are reduced to 2 minutes in duration.
• We change linen & towels every 4 days as a standard from now on, unless the guests request otherwise.
• We use non-potable water only to top up the pools.
• We have installed water-reducing nozzles on all of the bathroom basins.
• We repurpose all of the water from our ice machines and our housekeeping team takes melted ice from the room mini bars to water flowerbeds and pots in all the rooms.
• We have installed a grey water recovery system, which we use to keep our lawns green.
• We have put in a reverse osmosis plant and water purification to allow for ground water supply to be used, in the event that the municipal supply is cut.
• We will have an adequate supply of complimentary mineral water for drinking purposes.
• We engage with all our staff on a regular basis and jointly discuss ways in which we can all reduce our usage.

With all these measures, Ellerman House has managed to half our daily water usage in the last year.