Living in this new-age world of technology delivers its fair share of challenges and obstacles for most, but does your name autocorrect to banana every time you have to type it? No? Well then spare a thought for Senior Duty Manager, Vamana Roux – the man with the striking red hair and the high-energy personality to match.

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What is your motto? Life is for living.

What do you consider your greatest achievement to be? I have an incredible network of friends and family around me that care and look out for me – I am proud of that.

What do you love most about Cape Town? The people! The culture! The amazing views in just about any direction that you look!

Your perfect day off in Cape Town? You’ll definitely find me on one of the awesome Cape Town beaches, enjoying the day with my friends.

What is your favourite hidden gem in Cape Town? There is a cave along Chapmans Peak Drive which is one of the most amazing places to go for sundowners.

Where did you grow up? Namibia.

What do you aspire to learn more about? Cultures of the world by experiencing them first-hand through travel.

Why do you love working at Ellerman House? I work with like-minded individuals that show great teamwork. We always pull together when the time calls for it.

What is your favourite spot at Ellerman House? Hmm…hard to say as there are so many to choose from, but if I had to single out one then I would say the sitting area in the Contemporary Art Gallery.

What do you think makes it the best hotel in the world? When guests depart Ellerman House it really does feel like you are leaving your home and family behind. It takes something special to create that feeling.

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