Cordelia has been a part of the Ellerman House family for many, many years. ‘Part of the furniture’ would be an understatement. Cordelia is part of the foundation! Starting as a waitron, Cordelia now holds the title of Food and Beverage Supervisor. They call her ‘Smiley’ and no one has ever questioned why.

Let us introduce to you, Cordelia ‘Smiley’ Bauti.

Cordelia Bauti

What is your motto? Live and Learn- Always make a point to learn something new.

What do you consider your greatest achievement to be? My promotion to Food & Beverage Supervisor.

What do you love most about Cape Town? The different cultures that are celebrated, the amazing sites and of course the friendly people.

Your perfect day off in Cape Town? Would be spent on a boat cruise with my kids – we love the water and our city looks so beautiful from the ocean!

What is your favourite hidden gem? Any secluded area on Camps Bay Beach.

What could you never do without? My Phone!

Why do you love working at Ellerman House? I get to meet new people and learn all about different places and cultures around the world. I also love that it doesn’t feel like a hotel but rather my home away from home even as a staff member.

What do you value most in your colleagues? Our level of team work, they have my back.

What is your favourite spot at Ellerman House? Definitely Aqua Room! It’s so open and you feel like you’re floating in the ocean, especially in that shower!

What do you think makes it the best hotel in the world? From the views, the food, the art, the staff- Ellerman House is one of a kind!