We chatted with Wayve Kolevsohn, our Sommelier, on how she is doing during the lockdown and share her inspiring reflections.

“During the hustle and bustle of our busy daily lives and routines, we often tend to take things for-granted. Being forced to stay at home has given me the opportunity to reflect back on the past year and the winding down of a busy and successful season for us, as well as life in general. I’ve used this time to reconnect with people and friends from around the world, and focus on my mental wellbeing.

On top of that, with no access to a lot of services, I’ve learnt many new skills during my time spent at home – I’m a whizz with a paintbrush and a drill now!

The positivity and energy from my fellow team mates and managers has been really inspiring. And a true reminder of why I do what I do, and especially why I choose to do it every day at Ellerman House.

And although it might still be a few more months before I get to open and serve something delicious from our famous cellar – to all our wonderful guests: know that I’m keeping all your favourite wines for you ready to open up when you arrive!’’