Meet Sisanda, our Sales Manager, who has been working non-stop during lockdown.  She is one strong woman with a wealth of knowledge.  This week she shares her thoughts on  this moment.  “Nothing changes if nothing changes” A simple yet powerful statement!

This was a forced change, a hard change but perhaps a necessary change!
In a small space of time our worlds were thrown out of orbit and there was nothing we could do about it.

I for one had concerns that I now think back on and realise just how fortunate I am, that those were the worries I had when people in the same city I live in face the daily struggle of literally having nothing, on top of trying to survive a global pandemic!

My mind would have never reached this point if not for being forced to stay at home and spend so much time with myself! In our personal capacities, some of us always have the intention to do good and give back but “life happens” and we never quite get to executing this intent.

If our minds and actions don’t change then this will all have been in vain. History will repeat itself and the results will be the same if not worse!
Let’s be reminded of the simple things, ‘’Love thy neighbour’’ and ‘’Be the change you want to see!’’
We hold the power for a better ‘’New Normal!”
If we don’t change, nothing will change!

I can’t wait to toast to new and better beginnings with you all!”

From our Ellerman family to yours we trust you will all have a beautiful week and take something away from such motivational words.’