Meet Lovejoy, our bartender and wine enthusiast, who has his a SASA junior sommelier certification.  We love his positive and joyful attitude, always showing off his big smile.  He shares his wisdom with us for how this lockdown has been a blessing in disguise for him.

“When the president announced that there was going to be lockdown, I had mixed feelings. I was nervous of the unknown and also had a sense of relief that it was for the best to keep us safe from the virus. I made a schedule of all the things that I will be doing daily, I even started jogging around my complex every morning to keep fit and healthy.

As time went on,  I became restless but tried very much to stay positive.

I realised that lockdown was a blessing in disguise because I got time to spend with my family. Got a chance to start potty train my 2 year old son and just became even closer with my family. We became consistent with our prayers that we do every night with my family. We encourage each other with the word of God and count all our blessings .

Lockdown was definitely a learning curve for me, I’m thankful of the smaller things in life. Waking up every morning and being healthy is a blessing and a miracle. I am fortunate to still having a job and earning a salary.  I have since stopped complaining and stayed even happier than before.

Be encouraged team and stay positive, even when you think you being pressed hard from every angle. God will not give you anything that you are not able to handle and he remains faithful and will always provide us with a way.

Stay safe and healthy team and remember to always sanitize and wash your hands and wear your mask.”