When you walk through the front door at Ellerman House, you enter another world. A world where you are the most important person in the room. A space where everything you see, is put in place to make your day a little better.

Welcome to your stage, welcome to your show, its time to shine.

Experience luxury as you’ve never before.

‘The Staircase’ – Dress, Stefania Morland.

‘The Piano’ – Dress, KLûK CGDT; Accessories, Aldo and Lulu Belle; Heels, Steve Madden.

‘The Balcony’ – Dress, Gavin Rajah; Earrings, Paka Paka.

‘The Bedroom’ – Lace top, Stefania Morland.

‘The Sitting Room’ – Dress, KLûK CGDT; Accessories, Lulu Belle; Heels, Steve Madden.