Comfort food, cozy sitting rooms with a roaring fireplace, ski holidays – all things that we love about winter. But, there’s a horrible price to pay – the dreaded ‘Winter Body’! Your favourite pair of jeans that doesn’t quite fit the same anymore, dry skin – do we need to mention any more?

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Here’s what the team at the Ellerman House Spa recommends you do to get your body summer ready.

What do you need? A set of Bellabaci cups, a Kese Turkish Mitt and ‘Cellulite Be Gone’ Genie Oil.

What now? Apply the Cellulite be gone Genie oil to the affected areas you would like to treat. This lotion will turn into a beautifully luxurious oil, which contains essential oils aiding in detoxing the skin.

Use the soft Bellabaci cup by applying it to the skin with only a light suction. Slowly move the cup in a circular and zig zag motion for about 8 minutes.

Increase the suction gradually to stimulate circulation. Draining upwards to the nearest lymph nodes is essential. The lymphatic system helps the body remove all the toxins and waste.

Once the skin becomes more elastic you can start using a harder cup. Continue to use the soft cup for sensitive areas like arms, stomach and inner thighs. The hard cup can be used on the back or less sensitive areas.

Try doing this daily for the best results. It will help with fresh blood and oxygen supply to the cells – the results in treating cellulite is astounding.

If this all a little too daunting, get the professionals to show you how and treat yourself to a Bellabaci massage treatment at the Ellerman House Spa.

You can find out more about the Ellerman House Spa and treatments on offer here.

Be sure to contact the Ellerman House concierge team before your arrival or during your stay to reserve a well-deserved treatment.