As ‘silly season’ rolls around, Cape Town locals and visitors alike, flock to the city’s pristine white beaches. You may find yourself wondering, one: With so many beaches to choose from, where should I go and two: Where would I find a beach that isn’t overcrowded?

#EllermanSays has a few recommendations just for you:


Clifton 2nd

Featured on many ‘Best Beach’ lists internationally, Clifton’s largest attraction to Ellerman House guests, is that it is within walking distance. The beach is naturally divided into four smaller beaches by large granitic boulders. Each beach has its own personality. Clifton 2nd Beach is where you will find a modestly sized crowd enjoying the humble little beach. You may want to avoid Clifton 4th as it is the most popular and tends to fill to the very brim by mid-morning. Start planning your move to Cape Town as you ‘window shop’ the beach bungalows scattered along the Clifton slopes. Note that access to the beach requires going up and down a (relatively) long staircase.



Another hidden beach within walking distance from Ellerman House, is Saunders Rock in Bantry Bay. This little hidden gem is a firm favourite for locals. It has a large tidal pool ideal for safely taking a dip in the brisk water, before baking in the sun on the large boulders. Note that this beach falls within the wind shadow of Lion’s Head (as does Ellerman House), so is often calm when the rest of Cape Town has a strong breeze blowing.



Ever wondered where all those iconic photos of Table Mountain were taken from? It’s Dolphin Beach in Bloubergstrand, a quick 25min drive from Ellerman House. It’s most recent given name, Kite Beach, alludes to the fact that it can be a rather windy spot. The postcard views and the uber-spectator sport of kite-boarding will make it well worth sitting through. Grab an ice-cream at one of the local creameries, sit back and take in the beautiful views over Table Bay.


Cover 2

A 10-minute drive from Ellerman House will take you to the hidden Beta Beach in Bakoven. A little seaside community lies under the radar and often over-looked by visitors outside of the ‘inner-circle’. Extremely limited parking means that the Bakoven beaches stay relatively quiet. Be sure to ask the concierge team to loan a lilo, because the current-free pools allow you to float without floating away!


Long Beach

As the name suggests, this beach is made for long walks on the beach – just about on everyone’s list of top 10 favourite things to do! The length of the beach makes it impossible for it to ever be crowded and you have the bonus of travelling along the world-renowned Chapman’s Peak Drive to get there. Fancy a gallop in the waves? This is the place to do it. With wonderful equestrian farms in Noordhoek, the Ellerman House concierge can arrange for you to tackle your urge to gallop, trot or canter along the untouched white-sand beach.

The water may be icy cold, but a quick dip in and out will leave you feeling like a million bucks.