This week we close our doors on a temporary basis in our attempt to do as much as we can to slow the spread of the COVID-19 Virus and to fulfil our civic duty by acting responsibly and in accordance with our President’s guidelines.

But, we’re definitely going to be back and during this time, you’ll be experiencing Ellerman House in new ways that you might not be used to.

We’ve decided to temporarily discard normal ranks and job descriptions and will work together as a united force. Those who must take public transport will take leave and the rest of us will all chip-in and work in the gardens and tackle those forgotten nooks and cranny’s, while making the house look more beautiful than ever before – and we’ll have some fun along the way (while keeping our distance from one another, of course).

We’ll keep our spirits up and want to send positive vibes to our wonderful travel family out there.

So, whilst we may not be giving you the usual Ellerman experience, we plan to share our hospitality with you in slightly different ways. Firstly, the Ellerman Music Sessions which you’ve come to love will still happen, now broadcasted to you in the comfort of your homes! Then, we’ll be conducting Live Streaming Art Tours from Ellerman House which will take you on a journey of South African art and history.

We are determined to give something back to say thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us. Keep watching this space for more information.

The one positive about this crisis is that it’s given us time. Time to reflect on those that are important to us and who are struggling during this period.


The thing we love the most about this business is the fact that our guests become our friends. We share in your trials and tribulations, and right now, your fear and apprehension. But we also share humour, joy and positivity with you. For those of you who postponed your vacations at Ellerman House to later in the year, we thank you. We look forward to welcome all of our guests to our home, once our doors are open again.


It’s you whom our guests remember – not the views, not the bedrooms, the food or the drinks. It’s your joy, passion and exuberance that our clients experience every day. It’s the smile on your faces that they remember. We have overcome many challenges together and you continuously amaze me with your resilience, creativity, passion and willingness to go above and beyond. I look forward to conquering our greatest challenge yet, with the best army in the world, by my side.

We will get through this and we will all be great gardeners by the end of it all!


Travel Advisors are the lifeblood of our industry. Hotels like ours rely on the expertise, knowledge and guidance that Travel Advisors give our guests, especially in confusing times like this. While many of us are forced to gear down slightly, Travel Advisors are busier than ever, hauling clients out of no-go areas, while negotiating postponements and cancellations on their behalf and replying to countless emails requesting advice.

Indeed, you are the psychologists of the industry, the mentors, the trauma counsellors, intellectual source of the latest COVID-19 details and advisors on how to respond to the pandemic with regards to travel. You are at the forefront of the battle. You are working through the night – often without pay – which is surely evidence of your professionalism.

To all the Travel Advisors, we are grateful for the incredible service that you are providing and we look forward to a surge in tourism once the crisis is over.


You are often the unsung heroes in getting our names out to the public. You ensure that our brand is known globally through your incredibly hard work. You share countless meetings and stories with the Press and Travel Advisors, you are our link to the world. You are passionate about our property and your passion is infectious and wonderful.

In tough times, you are often the first to have your businesses come under strain, yet you carry on with remarkable positivity and creativity.


You write about the intrigue, the mystery, the transformation of people’s lives, the spirituality, the adventure, the intellectual expansiveness and the sheer joy of travel. We need you more than ever now, to give us stories of hope and inspiration, to keep us from going crazy in our isolation, and to allow us to dream of the days beyond the crisis. We salute you and can’t wait for your positive stories!


Our partnership during times of crisis has indeed shown the value of being part of an organisation that cares for its members and puts their interests first. Thank you for your guidance, friendship and for being available 24/7 for advice. We can’t wait for the next Congress.


On a day-to-day basis we would never survive without you guys. Yet, in times of need we are forced to virtually stop ordering your supplies and services. We identify with your sadness and disappointment when we can no longer order from you and as a result, your businesses are threatened. But, like previous recessions, this one will correct itself.


Usually you are but a call away. You handle our last-minute calls with aplomb, you do everything you can to keep our guests happy, you create the experiences that people remember forever. We see your doors closing like ours and we stand in solidarity with you. We are positive that this dark cloud will have a silver lining.


We all decided to be a part of this crazy, exciting, manic industry. Thank you for your friendship, advice and the beers when times are tough. We wish you all the best and know that we are only a call away if you ever need us. Looking forward to clinking glasses again, sometime soon.


We are very aware of how fortunate we are to have property owners who are driven by a passion to share the very best of South Africa, rather than being motivated by pure profit. You have clearly demonstrated that you will always have the best interests of the health and well-being of all of us here at Ellerman House and we are sincerely appreciative of this. You have our assurance that when the doors re-open, the hotel will be in tip-top condition and geared up for the return of our valued guests.


You guys picked the short straw when you chose partner involved in the hospitality industry. Due to the nature of our work, you have always been forced to take a back seat, often sitting at home for ridiculous hours waiting for us to return. You have also had to deal with circumstances that most normal families never have to deal with circumstances that most normal families never have to deal with. Thank you for always being there through thick and thin. By the end of this you’ll probably be thankful to see us returning to work!

To all of the above partners plus all those that I have not mentioned who have stood by us over so many years, we thank you for everything. Thank you for your kindness, your humour, your hard work, your passion and your unwavering support. But, hey! We’ve all got a lot more time on our hands so let’s still bond in more creative and innovative ways. We may be gardening and painting with the music playing and not a guest in sight, but we are still here and available 24/7. So, let us share music, art, stories and positive vibes until we see one another in person again.

Cheers for now,

Your Friends and Family at Ellerman House