Reinventing the definition of room service, Ellerman House Hotel is launching the continent’s first Sleep Rooms. Available for booking in 2020, the Sleep Rooms have been designed by internationally-renowned Elite Wellness Consultant, Harry Jameson, to promote rest and relaxation.

“Sleep is often the forgotten pillar of wellness”, says Harry. “No hotel room has ever truly been designed to get the best night’s rest. Hotel rooms are often an assault on the senses, throwing technology, treats and overstimulation at you the minute you step inside”. Ellerman House has optimised the experience in its Sleep Rooms, removing all electronics from the room while creating a space to restore, recover and regenerate. Guests will be welcomed with a unique Sleep Pack, including everything from Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil Bath Salts and sleep-enhancing Stillness Body Butter, to Lavender & Neroli Pillow and Linen Mist, comforting eye masks and CBD Chamomile tea. The Wellness team will guide guests through Ellerman House’s signature Sleep Ritual, scientifically designed to help the body naturally increase melatonin and evoke deep sleep.

Ellerman House’s Wellness Manager, Vicky Dennett says, “We want to see our guests not only feeling happy and healthy, but also relaxed and well-rested after a stay at Ellerman House”. “And beyond,” continues Harry, “We would like guests to take their experience home with them. Our Sleep Ritual is ultimately aimed at empowering guests for the rest of their lives”. Sleep is responsible for a broad spectrum of things, from muscle growth and repair to the consolidation of memory; by improving sleep quality, one takes a preventative approach to healthcare. Harry says, “Adopting the Ellerman House Sleep Ritual promotes the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces inflammation, manages stress and improves mental focus”.

Five Sleep Rooms will be available at an exclusive retreat launching in 2020, led by Harry who will be available for private consultations with guests at Ellerman House. In addition to the Sleep Pack, guests will also be spoilt on arrival by Healing Earth, leaders in holistic African beauty and wellness care, with products that use only pure organic botanicals and indigenous plant extracts. The 3-night itinerary incorporates soothing spa treatments at the luxurious Ellerman House Spa, with its relaxation room, sauna and steam room. However, wellness extends far beyond the confines of one’s treatment room. Sleep and relaxation are supported by nutrition, movement and mindfulness to combine a holistic view on mental and physical wellbeing that focuses on slowing down and fully appreciating each waking moment.

More about enrichment than restriction, guests can expect a custom health menu, nutrional workshop and cooking class in addition to Ellerman’s usual luxuries, as well as wellness activities suited to one’s fitness level, such as nature based yoga classes and sunrise hikes up Table Mountain. Guests can find balance in evening meditation classes, paddling on the Atlantic Ocean, or cycling on the Sea Point Promenade. While encouraging guests to make use of the Ellerman House Gym and in-room gym kits, the retreat’s guided activities allow guests to take advantage of the best natural gym on the property’s doorstep – the great outdoors.

2020 Ellerman House Wellness Retreat dates and rates:

4-7 July & 8-11 July 2020

Single occupancy: R100 000.00 per retreat | Double occupancy: R120 000.00 per retreat

23-26 October and 27-30 October 2020

Single occupancy: R115 000.00 per retreat | Double occupancy: R145 000.00 per retreat

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