To enter an artist’s garden is to enter another world.

A visit to Dylan Lewis’ Sculpture Garden in Stellenbosch is like entering into a magical world of expansive landscapes and views, smells, sights and sounds that will make you leave all your worries behind. The garden has been a project of Dylan Lewis since 2009 when he hired an excavator and moulded and shaped the landscape to form this beautiful 7-hectare sculpture garden.


Every detail has been thought of and the flora in the garden was hand picked and planted to create all-year colour. What makes this garden so interesting is the 4km walkway and tour lined with over 60 sculptures. The development and influences of Lewis’ career can be seen in all these sculptures. His career began with a focus on the big cats of Africa like the cheetah and leopard, all life-size. In the more recent years he has moved towards a study of the human form ranging from monumental sculptures to smaller pieces.


A tour of this beautiful garden is part of our exclusive Stellenbosch Art Tour but guests on day visits and tours to Stellenbosch are more than welcome to book an appointment to view the garden with Tours are by appointment only.

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