A Unique South African Dessert – Don Pedro


Nobody is exactly sure where the famous Don Pedro originated from but all South Africans are familiar with this truly South African drink. Some might call it a cocktail and others a dessert – we like to serve it to guests as a sweet ending to a meal. Don Pedro is a grown up milkshake usually served in a wine glass made from either a whiskey or liqueur such as Amarula, Kahlua, or Frangelico mixed with ice cream and a tot of cream to make it easy to drink with a straw. It is normal for some restaurants to add chocolate sauce to the edges of the glass or a grating of chocolate to garnish.

Follow our recipe below to make the Ellerman House version of the famous Don Pedro


1 cup good quality vanilla ice cream

2 shots Kahlua

2 tablespoons cream

Chocolate for garnish


Blend the ice cream until smooth and add the liqueur. Continue pulsing and add the cream just before serving in a stemmed glass. Grate chocolate for garnish and add the straws before serving.

Feel free to add a whiskey or other liqueur if Kahlua is not your thing.