There’s always room for improvement – so why not improve our rooms?

Ellerman House recently underwent renovations and we cannot wait to share the results. There is a fresh new air about the property after Design Advisor, Nell Harris blended contemporary philosophies and furnishings from local designers with the existing classical setting. When asked how she approached this project, Nell said, “Ellerman House is the Grande Dame of the Atlantic Seaboard. You don’t want to mess with her mood too much, but she did require some modernizing. Just a little lift here and there”.

The result? A stately home where regular guests will appreciate the renewed atmosphere and first time guests would not be able to imagine the environment any different.

The functional elements of the rooms have been continuously updated throughout the years: from additional storage, to luxury amenities and more. These aspects often have the biggest impact on guest comfort. This theme has been carried through to the bathrooms with the most recent closure. Nica Design Studio helped in realising the brief of ‘Clean and fresh, but still luxurious’.

Bathroom HDR 2 2048px 5D3_7420-HDR-Edit

We introduced gorgeous new servers from James Mudge in the living room and dining room. A coffee table from Anatomy Design, ceramics from Lisa Firer as well as magnificent fynbos sculptures by the amazing Nic Bladen can be found in the lounge. Bespoke pieces and interior collaborations from Skep, Gingerlee Interiors and Lanie van Reenen Interiors along with new textiles from Ardmore and the Room 13 Collection can be seen throughout the hotel.



Nell vows to keep adding layers to Ellerman House, but the goal remains the same – create a wonderful space for guests to feel right at home.

RM5 Bathroom HDR 2 2048px 5D3_7018-HDR-Edit

A full library of new images will soon be available with the launch of our new website at the end of August.

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